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    This course is approved by the State of Texas Judicial Branch Certification Commission. The course has two parts: Part One addresses the procedures for process service and Part Two addresses the procedures for return of service. Pay by credit card or call 706-268-2221 to pay by check.

    This course is based on the curriculum specified by the Tennessee Private Protective Services Board. It has four one-hour parts: Part One is an Orientation consisting of the TPPS Regulatory Act and Administrative Rules; Role of a Security Officer; Attitude and Conduct of Security Officers. Part Two is Legal Powers and Limitations of a Security Officer, consisting of Authority found in the Tennessee Code, Title 62-35 and Criminal and Civil Laws and Liabilities specified in the Tennessee Code, Titles 39 and 40. Part Three is Emergency Procedures, consisting of General First Aid and Emergency Evacuation and Notification Procedures. Part Four covers General Duties, consisting of Patrol Procedures, General Security Terminology and Incident Report Writing. Individuals pay by credit card; corporate clients having preferred status can pay by invoice.